Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pencil Reservation?

Please contact Ms Jojie Yap (Wedding Administrator) at 4754402 for more information.

Effective January 2018 all reservations will be done online. No pencil reservation will be entertained at Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish.

When do we need to pay the reservation fee and the full payment?

The reservation fee should be given within two weeks after attending the wedding orientation. This serves as confirmation of your wedding date. The full payment should be paid at least two months before the wedding day.

Why do we need to attend the wedding orientation?

This is very important and helpful for the couple preparing for their wedding. During the wedding orientation, our staff will not only explain to you the rules and policies of the Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish, but also, they will give you a checklist of the requirements that you need to gather and the time frame of their submission.

Can we pay the reservation fee even before we attend the wedding orientation?

Our office will only accept the reservation fee after the couple has attended the orientation, and has personally signed the conforme stating that they agree with the rules and policies of Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish.

How can we pay the reservation fee and other fees needed?

Only cash payments are accepted and can be made in our office.

What if one party holds a dual citizenship?

Persons who have dual citizenship will also be asked to proceed to the Parish Office for proper assistance with regard required documents.

What if one party is not Catholic? Can we still celebrate our wedding at the Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish?

Yes, as long as one party is Catholic. The marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic Christian (e.g. Baptist, Methodist, Seventh – day Adventist, etc.) is called mixed marriage. The marriage between a Catholic and a non-Christian (e.g. Buddhist, Hindu, etc.) is called disparity of cult. There are specific rules and guidelines governing these types of marriage.

How about Filipinos who are working abroad, or are now living abroad, who have very limited time to come home and prepare for their wedding?

We understand the situation of those who are working or living abroad. However, they need to have their wedding interview here at Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish at least ONE MONTH before their wedding day.

Why do we need to report our marriage which happened abroad?

Marriages of Filipino citizens which happened abroad should be reported to ensure that the embassy/consulate where the wedding happened is properly registered to the NSO.

Is it better to have civil wedding first before church wedding?

In our Catholic faith, marriage is a Sacrament from God. Therefore, the Sacrament of Matrimony should be celebrated according to the teachings of the Church. There are also no convincing reasons why having a civil marriage first is “practical,” since you will also prepare the same requirements.

Why can’t we hire our own florist to arrange flowers for our wedding?

Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish only allows its in-house florist to do floral arrangements for weddings. This is to make sure that you will have a proper and decent flower arrangement. This is also a practical measure to ensure a smooth flow of wedding ceremonies, especially when there are consecutive schedules of weddings.

If we are civilly married, do we then consider our church wedding as renewal of vows only?

No. In our Catholic faith, the only valid marriage is marriage done in the church, that is, the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

What is the maximum number of Sponsors (Godparents or Witnesses) in our wedding?

You may have a maximum number of eight pairs of Sponsors for your wedding. This practical measure is to ensure that you will not exceed the allotted time for the wedding ceremonies and picture taking.

Do you allow cross-dressing during the wedding ceremonies?

You are entering a church wedding, and basic courtesy tells us to respect proper decorum in church. Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish, as a Catholic church, adheres to the teachings of the Catholic faith regarding the difference and complementarity of man and woman, and the proper attire for a man and a woman reflects this. Therefore, the members of the wedding entourage are to be dressed appropriately.

Are there any dress codes for the members of the wedding entourage?

A church wedding is a holy and a solemn event. Everyone should remember that the celebration is done in the presence of Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore, everyone should observe appropriate and decent attire. It is also important to remind your visitors and guests to observe proper conduct inside the church. Chatting, eating, and rowdy behavior are strictly discouraged.

Can we recite personal vows during the wedding ceremonies?

In the Wedding Rite, the couple will be answering questions that would declare to everyone their consent and promise of love and faithfulness. This is the official wedding vow that is made in front of God and the Church. Other personally made and crafted vows can be made during the reception.

Can we bring our own priest to officiate the wedding for us? Is there an additional payment for this?

You can bring a priest to officiate your wedding. Just provide a photocopy of their Celebret ID and CRASM (Certificate of Registration of Authority to Solemnize Marriage).