Madonna Del Divino in Rome

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Divine Love (Madonna del Divino Amore) is situated approximately 12km south of Rome along the Via Ardeatina. This shrine, in contrast to other similar shrines situated in towns full of churches and visitors, is one in which the faith of the community and the events of everyday life are intricately interwoven.

People began worshipping at the shrine when, during the mid-18th century, they heard the story of a traveller on his way to St. Peter’s Basilica who lost his bearings in the countryside surrounding Rome and was miraculously saved by the image of a Madonna with a Child placed on a tower in the nearby Castel di Leva.

Thanks to this miraculous intervention, the pack of angry dogs about to attack the traveller was stopped and a group of shepherds appeared who sent him on the right path in the direction of Rome.

The salvation metaphor is very clear as is the main context of ordinary life.

In 1745 the image of the Madonna was moved to the Sanctuary’s high altar, which had recently  been built close to the tower where the miracle had taken place, in order to accommodate the ever increasing number of worshippers drawn by the revered image of the Madonna.

The shrine was a pilgrimage destination for many local Romans, up to the postwar period. The pilgrims used to walk to the shrine every Saturday night during the summer.

This tradition is still practiced today by smaller numbers of people.

Towards the end of World War II, this religious practice was significantly strengthened. On this occasion the citizens of Rome, guided by Pope Pius XII, turned to Our Lady of Divine Love to ask for help and protection during the final battle for the liberation of the city.

In return they promised to build a new sanctuary in honour of the Madonna and to make a concerted effor to live in moderation and with moral rectitude.

The first promise was fulfilled in 1999 when the new sanctuary was finally completed and the park inaugurated. It can now accommodate up to 1500 worshippers.

As for the second promise, a little more time is probably needed…


History of
Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish

In 2013, the Ayala Land Inc. through its Ayala Land Premiere, entered into a contract with the Diocese of Parañaque with the purpose of appropriating some 6,538 square meters of its property in Almanza Dos, Las Piñas City for church use. The team of Giggio Jugo, Manny Illana and May Florentino were of great assistance to this cause. On said lot, the church of the Madonna del Divino Amore was to be built. The church spans an area of more or less 2,100 square meters.

The construction of the church was done in three distinct but contiguous phases. The first phase was the construction of the basic shell of the church, led by the team from the Specified Contractors and Development Inc.

The church of the Madonna Del Divino Amore features Mother Mary and the works of the Holy Spirit extensively. Facing the altar, three moments in the life of Jesus can be discerned: the Baptism in Jordan on the left, the Transfiguration on the right, and the crucifixion on the Calvary in the Center. These moments in the life of Jesus manifest the presence of the Holy Spirit. In addition, mural paintings about the scene of the Pentecost are seen around the entire church. All murals and stained-glass works were done by Mr. Edmundo Villanueva and his team.

The Madonna Del Divino Amore is the image of our Lady in her submission to the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit symbolized by the dove can be seen on the top of the icon. The Madonna icon of the church was painted by Anna Maria Torrigiani of Italy through the kind assistance of a family within the parish.

The Solemn Rite of the Dedication of the Church and the Anointing of the Altar (August 14, 2016).