Fr. Rodel D. Paulino

Welcome to our Madonna del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish website. We are happy to serve you through this website. Please find time to browse through the site for information and services. As we continue to move forward in our development of the Church structure, we also move forward in giving better service and information to our parishioners and mass goers.

Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish is a relatively new parish dedicated to Our Lady of Divine Love. We are located in the southern area of the Metro. We welcome everyone who wishes to spend time with God. We welcome questions and prayer requests made through our website. We invite you to visit us and spend time in communion with God in our Church

As your parish priest, it is my blessed duty and privilege to bring you closer to Jesus, through the sacraments, celebrations and spiritual guidance. Feel free to reach out whenever you need.

I look forward to meet you in our masses or in the parish office. You may also refer to this website for calendar of activities, mass schedules and other services. You may visit and like our Facebook page as well.

I pray that God bless you and may Our Lady of Divine Love intercede for you.

In Jesus and Mary,

-Fr. Rodel