Schedule of Weddings



  • The wedding services included in the package offered by the Church is inclusive of the 2 HOURS use of the church and its facilities, the standard stipend of the main celebrant, the lector, the commentator, the altar server and the lay minister plus the staff that make sure you will have a solemn and beautiful wedding celebration.
  • The Church structure is huge. We make sure that the celebration of your wedding day is made special by turning all the newly installed air-conditioning system in full blast in order to make the whole Church comfortable during the wedding celebration. All the LED lighting system is also turned on to fill the whole church.
  • The wedding stipend supports the upkeep and the operations of the parish.
  • However, church flower arrangements are not included in the wedding stipend. The choir, vocalist, instrumentalist are to be separately arranged by the couple.

Terms and Conditions

1. Wedding application should be done at least 6 months or more before the date of the wedding.

2. Fifty Percent (50%) of wedding stipend must be settled to reserve the date and time of the wedding. This amount is NON-REFUNDABLE.

3. Final settlement is due after the Canonical Interview.

Information / Rules and Regulations

1. Proper Church Attire and Decorum

The bride and groom and their entire wedding entourage, namely: the parents of the couple, their principle sponsors, secondary sponsors, bride’s maids, readers, and offerors, cord are required to strictly observe modesty in dressing and proper decorum.

No backless, bustiers, exposed shoulder/s, spaghetti straps, plunging neckline, miniskirts, etc. for ladies during the entire wedding ceremony.
In case of the above, ladies should provide their own appropriate wraps. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to participate in the wedding ceremony.

2. Readers

The couple must provide their own commentators and readers during the mass.

Orientation. To ensure the proper proclamation of the word of God, said readers are required to arrive 30 minutes before the wedding proper orientation.

The parish reserves the right to assign / replace readers who fail to attend orientation.

3. Church flower arrangements are excluded in the wedding stipend.

4. Choir, vocalist, instrumentalists are likewise excluded in the wedding stipend. This has to be separately arranged by the couple.

The entire repertoire of the choir, vocalist, and instrumentalists for the wedding ceremony should be submitted for approval by the parish one (1) month before the wedding.

The choir, vocalist, and instrumentalist must also be in proper church attire and must also follow the proper church decorum especially during the mass.

Only liturgically appropriate songs are acceptable.

Mass songs required to be sung by the choir, vocalist or instrumentalist are as follows: Alleluia, Offertory Song, Sanctus, The Our Father and Communion Hymn.

5. Should the couple plan to print a missalette for the wedding, the template of the missalette should be obtained from the parish office.

Instructions on the missalette template must be strictly followed.
The final draft of the missalette should be submitted for approval to the parish, no later than two (2) weeks before the wedding date.

6. Video coverage and photos of the wedding rites may be taken by a professional or family photographer.

Stay in designated areas; take photo / video at designated areas / time.
Come in proper church attire.

No photographer / videographer in the altar especially during the wedding rites.

Must be reminded by the couple to observe discretion with their movements in order not to distract the faithful and disturb the solemnity of the celebration.

All photo and video equipment should be set 30 minutes before the wedding.

All photo and video equipment should always follow strictly the time allotted which is one hour and thirty minutes of the entire wedding ceremony including picture / video taking. If the wedding does not start on time, picture / video taking after the ceremony should be cut short to comply with the allotted time.

7. Wedding coordinator should always understand and keep in mind that the wedding is more than just a social event and that it is a reception of the sacramental bond of matrimony.

The wedding coordinator must follow proper church decorum because the entire church is holy ground and requires the utmost reverence and respect.

No running / unnecessary movement around the church during the mass.
No loud voices, use of loud walkie-talkie or unnecessary shit-chats at the back / front / inside of the church before, during and after the wedding ceremony.

Wedding coordinators are required to strictly observe modesty in dressing: no shorts, plunging necklines, spaghetti straps, mini skirt, exposed shoulders, etc.

Wedding coordinator should register at the parish office three (3) months before the wedding date of their clients.

The wedding coordinator should supervise the processional sequence of the wedding entourage.

The wedding must see to it that the wedding starts and ends on the appointed time. Allotted time for each ceremony is strictly one hour and thirty minutes.

The wedding coordinator should supervise the pictorials after the ceremony. If the wedding is delayed and the allotted time is consumed, the pictorial should be cut short or totally omitted.

8. Wedding coordinator should maintain the cleanliness and order of the church.

It is forbidden to throw rice, coins, flower, petals, confetti, etc. inside the church. These may be done outside the church.

Use of poppers, fog, bubble machines and releasing of butterflies and other gimmickry are strictly prohibited inside the church.

9. If the Air-conditioning (AC) system is to be used, the allotted time will be for two hours only. The AC system will be opened 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the wedding and will be shut off at the end of the allotted time of one hour and thirty minutes. In excess of this, P3,000 will be collected for every half hour.